US Patent No. 8,247,348

    Pumpkin Embalmer ® is a concentrated powder that you dissolve in water. When a pumpkin is soaked in the solution, Pumpkin Embalmer ® does two things:

    1. Pumpkins are 90% water. The micro-organisms that cause decay need water and a food source, which is in abundance in a pumpkin. Pumpkin Embalmer ® draws out the natural moisture and replaces it with minerals to help the pumpkin keep its shape (otherwise it would shrivel up).
    2. Pumpkins are naturally acidic. Bacteria need an acidic environment to thrive. Pumpkin Embalmer ® increases the pH of the pumpkin (making it less acidic) thus retarding the growth of harmful bacterial.


    Pumpkin Embalmer® is made from commercial food grade additives, and common household chemicals, so it should be treated the same as any other product under your kitchen sink.

    Avoid contact of the dry chemical with eyes. In case of contact, flush with plenty of water. Once the product is dissolved in water, it is safe to handle.

    When finished with the Pumpkin Embalmer® , simply pour it into your garden. Not only is it biodegradable, but your flowers and vegetables will love it!

    Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) may be downloaded here.

    Made in the USA

    US Patent No. 8,247,348

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