Six (6) Piece Pumpkin Masters® Brand Pumpkin / Melon Carving Kit
Pumpkin Masters is a registered trademark of Pumpkin Ltd. dba Pumpkin Masters

Kitchen knives are okay for carving a simple "triangle nose and eyes" Jack-O-Lantern, but not the type of detailed carvings shown here. Each carving kit includes one of each of the following: 

  • The ScraperScoop® is far better than spoons for preparing your pumpkin for carving! Use it to remove seeds and stringy pulp, and also to scrape the rind to the "optimum thickness" for carving (1").
  • The Detail Saw is essential for carving fine, detailed areas, but can be used for the entire Jack o'Lantern! This blade is also the best choice when carving watermelons.
  • The Medium Saw has finer teeth and is ideal for carving small, intricate pieces.
  • The Drill is a must for carving round holes.
  • The Pounce Whell is used to transfer your designs onto the face of the pumpkin or watermelon.
  • The Sculpting Tool lets you carve into the flesh of the pumpkin to create awesome three-dimensional designs!

Price: $4.99

Actual product may vary from photo

Dr. Frybrain's Ultimate Lid Cutter / Speed Carver Saw

Are you still using a kitchen knife to cut the lids of your pumpkins? Take a good look at your blade. Even if you are using a serrated knife, it is still designed to slice, not saw. You already know that sawing your pumpking is better than slicing it.

This is the secret weapon that we have been using for years, and now we can offer it to you. This saw features a natural wood handle and a 6" flexible steel blade and zips through even the toughest pumpkin shells with ease, which makes it much safer, faster and easier to use than a knife.

Hosting a festival? Need to carve a couple hundred pumpkings quickly? With this amazing tool, you can carve a traditional Jack o'Lantern face in seconds!

Price: $8.99 Sale! $4.99

Gruesome Gourds
US Patent D622,123

Gruesome Gourds™ is a Jack o' Lantern suspension system consisting of three nickel-plated chains with "meat hooks" attached. The hooks are plunged directly into the flesh of the pumpkin for an authentic, gory effect!


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